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Silentnight 7 Zone Memory Foam Mattress

If you have ever struggled to get a good night sleep, and then suffered through tossing and turning all night long, then a Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress may be just what you need. This carefully contoured 7-zone foam mattress offers a custom-made layer of luxurious memory foam that provides full body support through contouring itself around your individual body shape, relieving pressure from seven different points. Silentnight’s innovative design is sure to improve your sleep quality, while also providing optimum support for your back. With its firm and supportive core, this memory foam mattress supports and aligns your sleeping spinal alignment, allowing your spine to stay in a neutral position, and relieving pressure off of tired neck muscles.

The patented and proprietary technology of Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress allows users to choose the perfect temperature for their personal bodies, allowing the foam to better mimic the natural temperature of the skin. Many people prefer to sleep on a cool morning, with the temperature staying closer to their body temperatures all evening. However, with this contoured design of the 7-zone foam, you can always find a comfortable temperature for a restful sleep. So, whether you like to stay cozy and warm during the middle of the night, or cool and comfortable during the day, this specially designed mattress will offer you and your family a wonderful night’s sleep, each and every time.

This contoured design is designed to allow air circulation to circulate underneath the mattress. Air flow is essential for supporting the natural curves of a person’s body during sleep. As you breathe, you take in fresh oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, which are waste products from our breathing. The contour of Silentnight’s memory foam mattress allows the air flow to flow smoothly around your body, keeping you comfortable while you sleep. Your body is supported by adjustable vents that let cool and warm air to ventilate your contoured foam mattress for ultimate airflow.